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New Home: Medieval Village

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    New Home: Medieval Village is a city-building game that allows you to create medieval settlements in different scenarios and environments. The game includes multiple creation tools to design and build medieval villages. You can choose from different types of residential and service buildings to create your dream village, but it will also have to be functional if you want to attract villagers and keep them happy. 

    As the population of your village grows, the villagers' demands will change, and you will need to adapt to satisfy them. Provide the resources they need, fortify your village to defend it from attacks, and develop a flourishing medieval town. You will need to build the appropriate buildings at the right moment if you want to succeed, as your funds are not limitless in New Home: Medieval Village. You need to manage the village's economy to earn a steady flow of cash that allows for its maintenance and expansion. Keep an eye on the goods produced at the village, control the taxes, and trade your surplus to earn additional income. Every bit helps.

    If you think you can manage a medieval town, New Home: Medieval Village is the perfect challenge for you.

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