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    Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator is a hotel simulator that takes you behind the scenes of its management and preparations for the perfect holidays. Your goal is to manage your business and create unforgettable memories for your guests. From check-in to check-out, you will monitor and make sure everything runs smoothly for your clients. 

    The game offers different types of game modes to choose from. Start with the Career mode and play a part of the family story, or open the Sandbox mode, where you will be able to choose your own venture. If you want to admire your creation, use the ''Wait mode'' and take a step back. There you can take a mini holiday yourself and spend the day with no worries.

    Start by choosing the ideal location for your hotel. Build a reception, restaurant, bungalows, pools, and much more, in order to create the perfect holiday. Choose the materials of your liking to customize and decorate, your furniture, and walls, both inside and outside. Create different ambiances making it as cozy as possible.

    You will have to take care of the comfort of your guests by picking them up from the airport and making sure they have a pleasant stay. Until you hire competent staff, you must make sure all aspects of the holiday are covered. Once you find qualified staff, they will do these jobs for you. Achieve great online reviews by making your guests happy.

    Put to test your entrepreneurial and managing skills. Your responsibilities as a manager are to organize jobs, manage reservations, create menus, recruit staff, and optimize the hotel's profits. Make the right investment decisions and reach your goals. Once you build the basic needs for your hotel, expand your facilities with a larger pool, sauna, a DJ, or new sports equipment if your budget allows. 

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