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      Unleash a reign of fire inCentury: Age of Ashes, a free-to-play multiplayer combat game featuring battling dragons. Ride on the backs of these tremendous winged beasts and prepare to burn down the competition.

      Choose your dragon and ride it to battle as a Dragoneer. Choose one of three classes to start. Windguards can protect themselves and disorient the enemy. Marauders can track and destroy, making them perfect for a frontal charge. Finally, the Phantoms can surprise and ambush enemies. Master these different playstyles and work together as a team.

      Play three different modes of combat, ranging from 3v3 to 6v6.

      • Spoils of War. Steal gold from the dragon hordes of your enemy team while protecting your stash of gold.

      • Carnage: Fight in a 6v6 deathmatch in an arena. Use the power-ups that appear on the battlefield to decimate the opposition. 

      • Gates of Fire: Two teams fight to possess a flag. Fly through special gates in the arena while carrying the flag to earn points.

      If that’s not enough, you can customize your appearance with saddles, armor, weapons, mantles, and legendary skins. The mighty dragons are yours to ride and command. Come and fight for glory in Century: Age of Ashes.

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      Immerse yourself in the intense world of Helldivers 2, where chaos and cooperation define every battle. Are you ready to engage in intense combat and cooperate for the survival of humanity? War awaits.
      • Technical information

      • Official website : Century Age of Ashes
      • Categories : Action , Racing , Space Flight , Team-based game
      • Editor : Playwing LTD
      • Developer : Playwing LTD
      • Mode(s) : Multiplayer
      • Release date : December 2, 2021
      • System Requirements
        • Minimum
        • OS : Windows 7 (64-bits)
        • CPU : Core i5 2.6 GHz / FX-8350
        • RAM : 6 GB
        • GPU : GeForce GTX 760 / Radeon RX 560
        • Storage : 10 GB
        • Recommended
        • CPU : Core i7 2.8 GHz / Ryzen 5 3.2 GHz
        • RAM : 8 GB
        • GPU : GeForce GTX 970 / Radeon RX 580
        • Storage : 10 GB
      • Age Rating
      • PEGI 12ESRB E10
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