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Sunshine Heavy Industries

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    Sunshine Heavy Industries is a 2D puzzle solver and management game that puts you in control of a spaceship design and construction company. Design star-faring ships for clients and build them on time. Feel the pressure as demands clash with budget constraints, and your free-spirited business partner makes the worst deals possible with space pirates.

    Starships galore. Build any spaceship you can think of from over 100 different parts. As your orders get more difficult, use dozens of subsystems to help you build them to spec. The puzzle part comes in meeting customer expectations while making your spaceship functional. How can you make a ship with a large cabin capacity yet also carry radioactive materials? You must find creative solutions to build your vessels.

    Space Entrepreneur. Run your space shipyard business, building ships while saving as many credits as you can. Keep your books balanced and your company profitable no matter what. You can also compete with other entrepreneurs on the online leaderboards.

    A charming story. Enjoy more than 50 story levels, with more to come with each patch!

    Enjoy the cute and wacky alien cast of Sunshine Heavy Industries even as you fight to keep your starship corporation afloat. Watch out for those space pirates!

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