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    Make a scaly new friend in Dragon Creek, a low-poly simulation game where you raise your very own dragon. Go to a shrine, provide a special code, and you will come out with a procedurally generated beast that’s yours for life. If you want, you can even raise several dragons on your own ranch.

    Taming the Beast. As unique creatures, dragons need special care if they are to grow up properly. Each breed has unique needs, including a special diet and attention. They need shelter to sleep in each night and baths to stay clean. Keep track of the calendar as well, as it will have an effect on your dragon.

    Training a Champion. You can join dragon competitions where you fight others for sport. To prepare your dragons, train them with mini-games that increase each of their six stats. 

    Tailor-fit your Dragon. You can fit your dragon with a saddle that gives it bonuses, like stress relief or combat modifiers. You can also adjust your character’s appearance using color sliders and various outfits.

    Will you become a master dragon trainer? Discover it in Dragon Creek.

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