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    Repair and rebuild giant robots! Mechs are the future and it’s your job to maintain them in Mech Mechanic Simulator

    You run your own small company that’s competing with large and well-organized corporations, and all you have is your workshop and your own personal skill when it comes to repairing these steel beasts. You’ll also be working with several types of mechs, each with its own unique designs and functionalities. Your job will include opening them up, examining their insides, and repairing or replacing damaged parts. Some components you can buy elsewhere, other times it’s better to course it through the black market. Or if the mech is going to be used for a new job, it’s up to you to retrofit it. Some customers want their mechs refurbished, meaning you’ll give them new decals and a fresh coat of paint. Don’t get carried away though--you’re still running a business so you need to make sure you’re in the black with your finances. Those parts cost an arm and a leg--in some cases, literally!

    Mech Mechanic Simulator is all about getting your hands dirty with robots. Beat the corporations in their own game and gain the rep of being the best mech mechanic in the world!

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