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    Put on your farmer’s boots on for Farm Manager 2018. In this simulation game, you will be building your farm from the ground up. Everything from hiring farmhands, expanding your land, cultivating crops, and managing your finances is up to you.

    Cash Crops. Choose from among 20 different crops you want to raise to make a profit. Strawberries, apples, wheat or corn, you decide what to plant. Just keep in mind that you have to cultivate the land properly and water them when needed, or you’ll lose the lot.

    Animal Farm. Crops aren’t your only source of income. You can also raise animals like chickens, rabbits, cows, goats, turkeys, and bees. Remember that you have to raise them, feed them, and breed them right if you want them to prosper. And if they get sick, you’ll need to call on the vet.

    By your own Bootstraps. Invest in your own farm by purchasing the right vehicles and equipment to cultivate your land. You can buy them cheaply to save money, but they’ll break down much faster. You can also build up tio 40 different types of buildings, from barns to processing plants and factories. 

    PlayFarm Manager 2018 in campaign mode, scenario mode, or free mode. And if you’re missing any kind of crop or machinery, create it yourself using the built-in workshop. 

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