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    Parkasaurus is a game designed to provide gamers with an exciting and immersive experience. Developed by Washbear Studio, this PC title puts you in charge of running the prehistoric dinosaur park of your dreams. It offers a variety of different tasks - from building habitats and attractions to researching new species of dinosaurs and extracting their DNA - that will challenge you while providing hours of fun.

    The goal of Parkasaurus is to successfully maintain the park and maximize profits by ensuring customer satisfaction; however, along with managing finances come risks such as disease outbreaks or environmental disasters that can quickly spiral out of control. You must also keep up with competitors’ parks which may try to undermine yours using various methods. To stay ahead you must engineer new features for your park, carefully craft its marketing strategy, take care not to cross ethical lines, and research the latest technological breakthroughs for your park be successful.

    The animals at Parkasaurus are eclectic; from velociraptors to triceratops, there is something sure to appeal to every gamer's interests. The vibrant art style conveys all creatures’ natural beauty while remaining faithful to scientific accuracy- making it educational as well as entertaining! This combination creates a unique gaming experience never seen before. Parkasaurus is the perfect game for animal lovers, gamers, and anyone in-between wanting to build their own park full of prehistoric creatures. With its engaging gameplay and educational benefits, it’s sure to provide a captivating experience from start to finish.

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