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      Hellion is a first person multiplayer survival video game that's set in space. The game was developed and published by Zero Gravity. Hellion fuses survival and space simulation genres and creates a game where players face off against each other in a deadly environment. Surviving harsh conditions of space is one aspect of the game, but players also have to scavenge for air, fuel, and various other items that you will need to survive. But, remember that there are other players out there that are trying to do the same. Now, what their actions will be, will they help you or will they do everything they can to make sure you die, you don't know, as no matter how cold and unforgiving space is, man is worse. Hellion features a persistent solar system where you can find all the in-game objects, from various planets, moons, ships, and even space stations. Hellion has Newtonian Physics and full Orbital Mechanics, so the game's immersion is immense. The game allows you to have an experience that can't be interrupted, as there are no instances or loading screens in Hellion. The sounds are impressive and serve to enhance the immersive experience more, with the scary silence of hard vacuum and the explosive roar of a ship's engine room. Hellion has a lot of things that will make your life hard, from vacuum, decompression, extreme temperatures (work in progress), and even radiation (work in progress). You can upgrade your equipment by finding abandoned station modules and ships (work in progress), or you can repurpose them and use them yourself. Minning various minerals and collecting resources is possible, from asteroids (work in progress) to gas giants (work in progress). Your ship will also have navigation and scanning mechanics for you to use and master so you can pilot your ship better. You can also leave your ship and explore ruins of mankind's first interstellar colony to search for various things like intel, valuable resources, and useful equipment. Zero gravity movement will show you a really unique way to move around the place. You can even make your own station in space and manage it. Finally, Hellion lets you play with other players, who can either work together with you and raid other players, or try to kill you as soon as they see you.

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      Comments on HELLION

      Apr 26, 2020, 3:25 PMon
      Hellion n'est plus en vente sur steam. La clé fonctionnera t-elle?
      Hellion is no longer available on steam. Will the key work?

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