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    Viscera Cleanup Detail is a first-person simulation game developed by RuneStorm. Players take on the role of a space janitor tasked with cleaning up the aftermath of a bloody sci-fi disaster.

    The game's premise revolves around the player cleaning up the mess of the destruction by using various tools such as mops, buckets, incinerators, and more. Players must scrub, burn, and dispose of every piece of debris, blood, and gore while navigating the game's realistic physics system. Additionally, players must keep an eye on the cleaning process, ensuring the disposal is contained and that the presence of viruses and bacteria is reduced.

    Viscera Cleanup Detail features various different settings, each with their unique challenges, from medical facilities to spacecraft and laboratories. As players progress, they discover more secrets about the sci-fi universe they are working in - adding more layers of depth to the game.

    The game's graphics don't typically feature any flashy designs or stunning scenery but does use a real-time lighting system to add realism to the debris and gore, and adds a level of tension due to the gruesome mess. Viscera Cleanup Detail is a unique game that offers a surprisingly immersive gameplay experience.

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