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World of Tanks will have a new 8-bit mode

World of Tanks will have a new 8-bit mode

Wargaming has announced a new mode for their tank MMO World of Tanks that will bring many gamers back to their youth. Winter Showdown features 8-bit graphics at the purest Atari style, along with three new vehicles, and a new map where two teams of 5 players will fight for the victory, with all the destructive fun that it implies.



Two new features available in this mode will bring a new dimension to the game. First one is the ability to use special ammo that will heal your comrades. The second is the possibility of blowing up parts of the scenario to get through. You can now go back to your childhood with this new mode for World of Tanks, or if you have never experienced 8-bit, you can get a glimpse of what it meant to play video games not so long time ago. Winter Showdown will come live mid January.

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