Valve announces Counter-Strike 2

Valve announces Counter-Strike 2

Valve has caught all of us by surprise with the announcement of a replacement for CS: GO. The iconic first-person shooter continues to be a favorite eleven years after it was released. Valve has updated it over the years but it's finally come up with a replacement of sorts. Counter-Strike 2 will arrive this summer in the form of a free update for CS: GO that will revolutionize the franchise. It will be a massive technical overhaul for the game. The official description of the game leaves no doubts about this matter. The game is defined as "the largest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike’s history, ensuring new features and updates for years to come". 

The majority of details about Counter Strike 2 are yet to be revealed but Valve has shed some light on its features with several videos that focus on a variety of new mechanics, including a more realistic smoke, better map design, and better communication between server and client to guarantee that you won't miss a thing.

Responsive smokes

The smoke generated by your grenades will now behave like a dynamic volumetric object that interacts with its surroundings. It will even react to your actions on the battlefield and can be temporarily dispersed to clear the view. this feature opens up new strategies in combat and makes Counter-Strike 2 feel quite real.



Enhanced maps

Counter-Strike 2 will completely change the design of the maps in the game. Some of them will be completely rebuilt from scratch, some others will be upgraded, and some have been left as they were so you can gauge the improvements by yourself. Overall, the lighting is much better in all of them and they feel clearer.



Improving the response

Communication between server and client is the key to a good gameplay experience in an FPS. Counter-Strike 2's improvements on that field make sure that every single action you perform will be equally responsive.



Counter-Strike 2 uses Valve's Source 2 engine to take the franchise to a superior level. The novelties stated above are just some of the improvements that it will bring. If you are willing to try them by yourself, Valve is running a limited test that you can enter only if you are chosen. Feel free to visit the official website and learn more on this matter. Of course, if you are yet to discover the type of experience that the franchise offers, you can use our comparator to get your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Steam code at the best price.

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