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Unrecord and Paranormal Tales lead the pack in new body-cam FPS genre

Unrecord and Paranormal Tales lead the pack in new body-cam FPS genre

Two games built on Unreal Engine 5 are creating a stir on the internet with their eye-popping hyper-realistic visuals. The first is Unrecord, an FPS where you play a member of the police force investigating a case. The second, Paranormal Tales, is a supernatural horror game inspired by found footage horror movies.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Unrecord here:



Developed by DRAMA, Unrecord sees you as a cop working a case, moving through an urban jungle, accosting and interrogating suspects, and making split-second decisions in firefights on whether to run, shoot, or take cover. The body-cam perspective certainly gives it a visceral, heart-stopping edge.

From the trailer, you might find it hard to believe that this footage is actually built on UE5—and a lot of people didn’t. Questions were raised on the authenticity of the game, such that the DRAMA had to issue a statement asserting that Unrecord is neither a scam nor is it using real-life footage. 

But technology isn’t the only controversy courted by Unrecord. Due to its DRAMA also had to state that their game has no particular political stand and is neither for nor against the police, and will avoid sensitive topics such as “discrimination, racism, violence against women and minorities.” Nonetheless, the bodycam approach could be triggering to those who have experienced such brutality, so buyer be warned.



Taking a page from Unrecord’s playbook is the supernatural horror game Paranormal Tales, developed by Digital Cybercherries. This time, you are part of the Horror Cam Archives Committee, which collects video files containing found footage of missing people. According to the website description, “You experience and play through each tragic tale of those who went missing from the viewpoint of bodycams, phones.” You will also be treated to “auditory and visual effects, to complete the immersion.” Again, the realistic approach along with the shaky body-cam effect greatly adds to the oppressive atmosphere. There’s been a great run of horror games this year, so here’s hoping that Paranormal Tales will join their ranks.

Neither game has a firm launch date yet, though Paranormal Tales is aiming for a 2023 launch. Both games will release on PC via Steam. Keep an eye out for an Unrecord and a Paranormal Tales PC key from our comparator.


  • Official website : Unrecord
  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : DRAMA
  • Developer : DRAMA
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : To be announced
  • Official website : Paranormal Tales
  • Categories : Horror
  • Editor : Digital Cybercherries
  • Developer : Digital Cybercherries
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : To be announced
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