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Uncharted 4 multiplayer gets a huge boost!

Uncharted 4 multiplayer gets a huge boost!

Developer Naughty Dog doesn't forget the multiplayer aspect of Uncharted 4 and they are bringing to the game a lot of improvements with the launch of the first content patch for the game after its release on May 10th. Lost Treasures is a 1.3Gb DLC that comes with quite interesting multiplayer features, including Sunken Ruins, the first of three free multiplayer maps, and new levelling and ranking systems.



Uncharted 4: A Thief's End | Lost Treasures DLC trailer


You will be able to raise your level up to 70, receiving several rewards that include relics, chests and vanity items. You can use the relics to buy new weapons, boosters and consumables to enhance your gameplay. To get exp you just need to complete matches or earn scores and medals. League of Legends is a game full of terminologies. From smurfing to ganking bot, it can sometimes be hard to understand what these certain phrases mean. If you’ve been playing League of Legends for long enough then you’ve probably come across the term “elo boosting” before. However, just to know what is elo boost, and why is everyone talking about it? The revamped Deathmatch Mode is going to be the base of the new competitive multiplayer ranking. The competition will be split into different seasons of 2 months duration, with a short break in between them. Players will get special vanity items as a reward, depending on their ranking at the end of the season.

The patch also includes gameplay changes and fixes that you can check here, and that is aimed to make Uncharted 4 multiplayer into a much better experience. In the words of Uncharted 4 Lead Designer Robert Cogburn, "Most of these improvements will have a deep impact on how Uncharted 4 multiplayer plays and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback. We will continue to make updates to deliver the best Uncharted multiplayer experience possible." So we can expect continued support from the developers to the multiplayer aspect of this already awesome title.

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