Give Hello Neighbor 2 a try ahead of release

Give Hello Neighbor 2 a try ahead of release

Neighbors. You love them or hate them, but you can't get rid of them unless you move to a different place. Sometimes they are too noisy, sometimes too friendly, they can make your life more difficult or they can give you hand in times of need, but no matter what your relationship with them is, you may never get to know their deepest secrets. Although that is not necessarily a problem, it becomes a pressing concern in Hello Neighbor 2. In this stealth horror adventure, you are set to investigate your creepy neighbor's home after you notice his suspecting behavior. He goes to the amusement park every night, and children have been going missing in the town for a while. As a journalist, your inquisitive mind won't let you rest until you sneak into his house to discover his secrets. This puts you in a perilous situation, as Mr. Peterson minds his privacy a lot for a good reason.



Hello Neighbor 2 challenges you with a series of puzzles that you will face as you try to investigate your neighbor's home without him noticing. As soon as you sneak into the place, you will discover that he hides his deepest secrets behind complex traps. Any error on your part and you will be caught red-handed. You are not sure of what will happen to you in that case, but the more you know about him, the worse your future looks if you are caught. 

In Hello Neighbor 2, the AI that controls Mr. Peterson's actions is much more advanced. It will learn from your actions and devise strategies to ambush you. As a result, the fear of being caught is more present than ever, which also allows you to immerse in the experience at a deeper level. 



Try it for free

Developer tinyBuild offers you the opportunity of trying Hello Neighbor 2 with a standalone demo of the game that is available via Steam. It's a completely different experience from the game, so it won't spoil the story if you decide to purchase the game and play it when it becomes available on December 6. If you like the game, the best deals to buy Hello Neighbor 2 cheap for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch are on our comparator.

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