Total War: THREE KINGDOMS announces The Furious Wild expansion

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS announces The Furious Wild expansion

Released over a year ago, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS takes us to China during the Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms. This period of history marks the end of the Han Dynasty, and the emergence of the Three Kingdoms, Wu, Wei, and Shu.

It is in this context that Total War: THREE KINGDOMS offers gameplay that combines both turn-based strategy and real-time tactics. The game has already benefited from several pieces of additional content since its release, some free, others paid, such as Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - Mandate of Heaven or Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - A World Betrayed. Each of them brings their own share of new content, such as new factions and units, Warlords, and more.

Creative Assembly has announced the first expansion, called Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - The Furious Wild. We won't have to wait long to get our hands on it since the release is set for September 3. Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - The Furious Wild will offer a host of new content for the game. To start with, the map will be expanded to include southern China and its jungles, offering a whole new playground, as well as all these new features:


4 new playable factions each with their own unique mechanics, with 19 new factions overall populating southern China

25+ new units including exciting and formidable animal units

New ferocious character artwork

New Nanman-specific tech tree with keystone technologies requiring missions to be completed

A completely new character progression style, with feats used to unlock traits

Unique missions and narrative events bespoke for the Nanman culture

One goal to ‘Unite the Tribes’, but how will you achieve it, through diplomacy or conquest?

Playable in 190 and 194 start dates


Of course, The Furious Wild expansion comes with 4 new Warlords, namely Meng Huo, Lady Zhurong, King Mulu, and King Shamoke. A fifth Warlord, Shi Xie, will be available for free to all players when the expansion launches on September 3.

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