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Total War Arena open beta is LIVE

Total War Arena open beta is LIVE

Total War Arena open beta has arrived. The Total War series has proved itself on the strategy game scene. By skillfully mixing turn-by-turn and real-time strategy, this is a safe bet for the fans of the genre. Indeed, the next installment of the series, whose release date is not yet precisely known, promises epic battles as The Creative Assembly does so well. And right now, you will be able to join the fight, because after a year of alpha and closed beta, Total War Arena discloses itself a little more by offering an open beta now.



This new phase of testing also brings some new features. A new faction, Carthage with its war elephants, joins the four others factions: the Empire, Rome, Greece and the Barbarians. Two new legendary commanders are also available: Hannibal Barca and Hasdrubal Barca. To enjoy this open beta and join the fight, visit the official page: >

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