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The Outlast Trials shares some creepy screenshots

The Outlast Trials shares some creepy screenshots

We haven’t heard a lot from studio Red Barrels regarding their next game The Outlast Trials, despite the game being in production for a few years now and an Outlast trailer teased at Gamescom. But that’s changed after they released a couple of screenshots for the upcoming game. 



The images sample some of the varied environments promised inThe Outlast Trials. We see what seems to be a church area and a hospital corridor, occupied by some of the denizens of the Murkoff facility. 

The Outlast Trials serve as a prequel to Outlast and Outlast 2. Set during the Cold War era, the story once again follows the Murkoff Corporation as it attempts to perform inhumane experiments in their secret facility. Civilians are kidnapped and taken to the facility, where they are brainwashed with hallucinogens and forced to undergo brutal body alterations. Many were driven incurably insane, driven to hunt and kill all newcomers in the most horrific ways possible.

We got a look at some of these insane characters in a recent behind-the-scenes episode from the Red Barrels team. One of the more memorable antagonists is Gooseberry, a former children’s television host whose face was cut off and sewn back on, and who wields a hand puppet with a drill hidden inside. Check out this character introduction video care of Mistuownes:


One apparent change to the gameplay in The Outlast Trials is that players have some means of fighting back against the inmates. This is borne out by images of land mines and other explosives in the art samples. It would be interesting to see if this mechanic still holds true when the game launches, and if weapons will be extremely limited to keep the fear and tension up in the game.

The Outlast Trials doesn’t have a release date yet but is slated to launch sometime in 2022. We’ll keep an eye out for more news. Until then, you can purchase a The Outlast Trials PC key with our comparator when the game comes out.


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