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The Outlast 2 Trailer Is Terrifying

The Outlast 2 Trailer Is Terrifying

The first Outlast game earned a lot of love from horror enthusiasts all over the world for it's immensely disturbing and creepy atmosphere, tense gameplay, and overall great immersion that a lot of horror games in the past few years didn't have. Now that the sequel is coming out, fans have been eagerly waiting to see will the sequel live up to the glory of the first game. Now that we have a trailer at our hands, we can safely say that Outlast 2 will definitely be one scary game. Check out the trailer down below!

Right from the very beginning, the trailer sets up a verydisturbing atmosphere with a girl singing a song. As the trailer goes on the girl's voice starts to sound very terrified, and with the scenes that we see, it is quite understandable. The setting for Outlast 2 is the Sonoran Desert and we get to see a farm or something similar with some very strange religious people in the trailer. We get to see a woman on what seems to be a stretcher, some things that look like zombies, a bathroom where blood comes out instead of water, a scene that was definitely quite eerie, and of course our main character getting chased by some very creepy looking people. Overall, the trailer was amazing at showing how scary Outlast 2 is going to be, and fans of the previous game can rejoice as they will most certainly play a scary game that will be on the same level as the first one if not even scarier.

If you didn't play Outlast, now is the best time to do so, just to prepare for the sequel which you can pre-order here.


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