The Endless Space Collection is free for a limited time

The Endless Space Collection is free for a limited time

Humble Bundle is a very particular shop that supports charity and also offers very good digital content bundles at quite reasonable prices. That includes videogames, ebooks, software, and more. Every once in a while, it offer free videogames too, and this is the case today.

They have just finished their Summer Sale and to celebrate it you can grab The Endless Space Collection at the Humble Bundle store for a very limited time and only until supplies last. To get it you just have to subscribe to the Humble Bundle newsletter, and you will be able to claim your copy of The Endless Space Collection and keep it forever.




The Endless Space Collection includes the base game Endless Space and the Disharmony expansion. The main game is a sci-fi 4x strategy title that will allow you to develop your civilization to conquer a galaxy once ruled by the Ancients, an extinct race that once dominated the cosmos and whose only remain is a resource called the Dust. Those that control the Dust will be the new rulers of the universe in Endless Space, and as the leader of one of the new factions that are rising in the galaxy, your mission is to guide your people and expand your territory through the stars.

The Disharmony expansion adds a new faction with its unique units and mechanics to the ones available in Endless Space, expanding the gameplay possibilities for the players.



Comparing Endless Space to Civilization or Master of Orion would be rather naive. They all are 4x strategy titles, but the genre has evolved a lot through the years, and Amplitude Studios has done a good job creating unique gameplay mechanics and developing a game with its own flavor. If you want to take a look at a similar game you should better take a look at Endless Legend, a game that has also been developed by Amplitude Studios but that takes place in a fantasy world.

As all other 4K strategy titles The Endless Space Collection is turn-based and focuses heavily on micro-management, so make sure that you play in lower difficulties while you learn the ropes if you are not an experienced fan of the genre.


  • Official website : Endless Space
  • Categories : Strategy
  • Editor : Sega
  • Developer : Amplitude Studios
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
  • Release date : July 4, 2012
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