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Team Ninja has published Nioh 2 story trailer

Team Ninja has published Nioh 2 story trailer

Team Ninja is an experienced Japanese studio that has developed plenty of games since it was created. As a division of Koei Tecmo, the studio has focused mainly on developing the fighting games of the Dead or Alive franchise, but we can count some action-RPG titles among their creations, like Ninja Gaiden series or Nioh.

One of the upcoming games that they are launching is Nioh 2, and the studio has published a new trailer that allows up to delve a little more in the story of this second installment of the series.



We already know that Nioh 2 will be different from its predecessor and that its story will take place before the events in Nioh. In the new game, you will be able to create and customize your character instead of playing as William Adams. The game follows the story of historical warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi, but in Nioh 2 he will be represented by two different characters. One is the character you will play as a lonely half-breed demon hunter born from the union of a human and a yokai. Hiding his origins, he hunts yokai in the province of Mino. After unexpectedly losing control of your demonic side, you receive the help of a peddler called Toukichiro. He gives you a powerful spirit stone that allows you to communicate with yokai spirits and regain control of your demonic blood. From there on you are set on finding more of those artifacts and you embark yourself in a quest that will have you fighting against powerful demonic forces.

As you can see in the video, Nioh 2 features amazing graphics that represent the feudal Japan of 1555, and it will also let you take part in epic fights against yokai and other enemies too. The combat is similar to Nioh's, but Nioh 2 also includes new gameplay options, and you will be able to bring out your yokai form and use special skills in combat. As you progress through the game you will gain experience and unlock multiple skills.



You will also be able to summon spirits to aid you through the use of Benevolent Graves. Those spirits will take the form of other players, with their equipment and skills. The game also features cooperative gameplay for up to three players.

The release of Nioh 2 is scheduled for March 13, 2020, exclusively in PlayStation 4, but it's quite likely that we will see a PC version later, as it happened with Nioh.

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