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Surviving Mars comes back to life with a free update

Surviving Mars comes back to life with a free update

It's been about three years since Surviving Mars was released and we have not heard much lately about the challenging simulator developed by the creators of the Tropico series. The colonization of the Red Planet has proven to be quite a difficult task, but many players have managed to create a thriving colony and expand their area of influence on the surface of Mars by now. Haemimont Games has abandoned the development of the game and now Abstraction has taken over it. As a result of this change, we finally have an update on the release of additional content for Surviving Mars in the coming months.



Surviving Mars will receive a new update very soon that will let you explore new possibilities in the planet, turning it into a touristic hub that will receive visitors from the Earth and entertain them in brand new ways. You will be able to build all kinds of facilities to create the perfect holiday place, including hotels, amusement parks, and more. You will also be able to organize RC safaris to show them the best vistas on the planet. The update also adds a new "satisfaction" stat that will be useful to measure the level of happiness of your customers, allowing you to make any adjustments needed. Their payment will depend on their level of satisfaction so you better keep it high.

Along with the free Tourist Update that is coming very soon, there is a new In-Dome Building Pack available for Surviving Mars. This DLC adds plenty of new construction options, including Medical Post, Hospital, Security Post, Large Nursery, Smart Apartments, and more.



It's great to see that Surviving Mars is starting to get some attention from the developers, and we expect to see more content coming to the game in the future, as it offers a nice simulation experience that you should check out if you are a fan of the genre.

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