Survival Horror Game Wronged Us Announced

Survival Horror Game Wronged Us Announced

Last month, Delusional Games dropped a short, mysterious teaser about a game they are working on called Wronged Us. Now, we have a full gameplay trailer and a bit more information to go on. Check out the Wronged Us trailer from the Golden Joystick 2021 Awards.



Wronged Us is a survival horror game inspired by Silent Hill and Dark Souls. Delusional Games describe it as “a cinematic story-driven game set in a small town,” where players will face psychological terror, deadly puzzles, and grotesque monsters in a dark and disturbing open world. Thus far, it seems to be very early in the development stage. 

Players take on the role of Isaac who has returned to the town to look for someone, and is confronted with hostility by the residents. Townsfolk appear to be disappearing at an alarming rate as evidenced by all the missing person posters all over the area. Isaac can explore the town and interact with NPCs, who will provide quests for him to do. What secrets the town holds, and why he must face off against headless residents and freakishly tall men, remain to be seen. 

The dark, grungy look of the environment is certainly reminiscent of Silent Hill. Per the developer, the open world and quest design are inspired by Dark Souls, while the gameplay mechanic seems to be drawn from Resident Evil. We haven’t seen a lot of combat in the video, but players can at least wield shotguns and presumably fight melee too.



Wronged Us is still early in development, with a release date slated for some time in 2023. No firm announcement yet on the platforms it will run on but the PC should be one of them. The rating is expected to be PEGI 18 for violence and disturbing images.

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