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Streets of Rage 4 will add new characters in a DLC

Streets of Rage 4 will add new characters in a DLC

Old classics never die, and the Streets of Rage series is one of those. Beat 'em up video games were quite popular in the '90s and Street of Rage was one of the most popular series in the genre, along with others like Double Dragon or Final Fight. Spending whole evenings fighting against the members of the criminal syndicate controlled by Mr. X as one of the three protagonists of the games was a common thing, and it was a much better experience when you could share it with a friend on cooperative mode. But SEGA decided to leave the series in a cupboard for quite a few years, and it's not until last year when the fans have had the opportunity of playing a new installment, Streets of Rage 4.

The game has been available for about a year now and it's about time that developer DotEmu announced some additional content. It's been done yesterday, indeed, and the plan is to release a paid DLC for Streets of Rage 4 at some point this year. Mr. X Nightmare DLC will add three additional playable characters to the game. Only the first one has been revealed so far and it's no other than Estel Aguirre, an special ops officer who is ready to give Mr. X's goons a good beating. You can watch her in action in the announcement video right below.



This DLC will also include additional movements for the characters already in the game, new weapons, and new music tracks for Streets of Rage 4. Although no release date has been confirmed yet for Mr. X Nightmare, the DLC will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. DotEmu will reveal more information about the expansion in the coming weeks including more details about a new survival mode that will also be part of said DLC. And it seems that a new level of difficulty is also coming to Streets of Rage 4 as part of a free update.

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