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Strayed Lights free demo is available on Steam

Strayed Lights free demo is available on Steam

An epic adventure where you have to fight against powerful enemies sounds like nothing new, but Strayed Lights takes quite an interesting approach to that scenario. In this action adventure created by Embers, we take the role of a "tiny being of light on its path towards awakening". To achieve your goal, you will have to explore a vast world inhabited by creatures made of light and darkness and defeat them in exciting battles. 

Strayed Lights features a Souls-like combat system that is quite dynamic, spectacular, and challenging. Not only you will have to master your combat skill to deliver powerful blows and break enemy defenses but also avoid your enemy attacks in order to power up your strikes. Strayed Lights' combat mechanics allow you to absorb energy from your enemies during combat and charge up devastating attacks. Enemies will change their types of energy during combat, shifting from blue to orange, and you will have to match them to parry their blows and power up your own attacks. In the end, by defeating those enraged monsters you will ultimately soothe them down and restore peace to the world, getting closer to transcendence in the process.



Aside from the combat mechanics, Strayed Lights is also surprising because of its spectacular visuals, which use colored lights and shadows to create a universe that seems like taken out of someone's dreams. 

Strayed Lights PC demo

If you want to discover by yourself what Strayed Lights has to offer, there is a free demo of the game available on Steam. Although it gives you access to limited content, it's more than enough to decide if it's a game for you or not. If you like it, the release is scheduled for April 25th, and you can get your Strayed Lights Steam key at the best price with our comparator anytime.

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