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Steel Division 2 postponed to June 20 and the beta is up

Steel Division 2 postponed to June 20 and the beta is up

Steel Division 2, the sequel to the highly acclaimed Steel Division: Normandy 44 is definitely going through a very rocky development. Last year, a few months before the announcement of the game in July 2018, the studio Eugen Systems went through a period of strike. Then, shortly after the official announcement of Steel Division 2, it was announced that Paradox Interactive would not publish the game, what has eventually ended with Steel Divison 2 being the first self-published game of Eugen Systems. In the end, Steel Division 2, which was postponed from April to May, will finally be released on June 20, 2019, or June 18 for the owners of the Digital Deluxe edition.

It is obviously the game's single-player campaign that is causing this delay because it still requires a little more time before it's ready for the official release. As a reminder, like its predecessor, Steel Division 2 is a real-time strategy game taking place at the same time of the previous game, but this time on the East, during the Second World War. This is what Eugen Systems said on their press release:


"Army General, the game's single-player campaign, is a brand new game in the game and will not be finalized enough for May 2nd. This new game mode has evolved tremendously during development and is now a really interesting gaming experience. We'll be posting a development diary and video soon to show you how this game mode works."


Steel Division 2



In parallel Eugen Systems is currently holding the third phase of the beta for Steel Division 2, that will continue until April 23 for all those who have pre-ordered the game. In addition to this, The studio said in its statement that as an apology for this new delay, the beta version of Steel Division 2 would be accessible from May 29 until the release of the game on June 20. It is not clear what the exact content will be for these three weeks of beta, but here is the one that is available right now and until May 23rd:

  • 4 Divisions: 20 Panzerdivision, 29th Tank Corps, 78 Sturmdivision and 26th Guards Rifle Division
  • The game modes Conquest, Close Combat and Breakthrough, including new defensive structures.
  • The Autobahn zur Hölle, Orsha North and Vitebsk East maps, which have been updated.
  • Cooperative mode for 5 players

Steel Division 2 will be released on June 20th on PC. To get it at the best price, visit our comparator.

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