Steam listed the game ‘Rape Day’ and people are not liking it

Steam listed the game ‘Rape Day’ and people are not liking it
Valve is now facing their biggest challenge by far concerning their decision of allowing everything on their Steam digital distribution. The upcoming video game called Rape Day is set to release this April. The title of the game itself sounds quite questionable and that’s not even the worse of it. Game developer Dark Lamp said that they spent over two years creating the game and is now just waiting for Valve’s approval to sell it on Steam. What is Rape Day?Dark Lamp describes the game as a video game where you can rape and murder anyone you want during a Zombie apocalypse. Somehow it reminds me of the movie The Purge, but on this one, you get to do the did virtually. The premise screams violence, sexual assault, non-consensual sex, necrophilia, incest, and obscene language. Too much in one sentence, really. Most of the players have nothing but derision over Rape Day; it even came across the radar of rape prevention advocates who say that the idea is just outrageous. Following last year’s controversy where Valve discontinued the sales of the game Active Shooter where players can choose whether they are a killer in an office, a school, or both, Valve said that they would not decide for players which games they would play and for developers what games they will create. They added that they will allow everything except if they deem it illegal or straight up trolling. Regarding Rape Day, Valve has not published a statement yet. Once it passes the review, and we really think that should never happen, the game will be good to go and available for purchase.
  • Rape Dayis set to release in April. It is an indie video game that lets you murder and rape during a zombie apocalypse
  • Rape Dayis under review, but you can already see its Steam page if you have a Steam account.
  • Many players are calling out that the game should be removed from the store for patronizing rape however, creators say that the game is within Steam’s rules and does not, in any way, danger the public.
I have to say that I totally agree with the people that think that this game should have never existed. It doesn't stop to surprise and upset me that in 2019 we still have to debate if the kind of behavior promoted in the game should be acceptable because "it's just a videogame", and no matter how I try to look at it, I fail to understand what the creators of the game where thinking of when they decided to start developing something as disgusting as this. I also think that Valve just tries to avoid their responsibility, passing the problem to the players and developers. It's being sold through your gaming platform and you are directly responsible for that!UPDATE: 

Valve broke their silence and released their statement regarding the video game Rape Day. Even when it has been up in Steam and its page is viewable in the game store, the platform now says that the video game poses “unknown costs and risks” to their business. They said that as much as they want to respect the developers’ desire to express themselves, still they have chosen a sensitive and questionable content. The video game puts their company in a difficult position to help them.

Rape Day is a no go, rightfully so.
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