Star Wars: Republic Commando will launch on Switch and PS4

Star Wars: Republic Commando will launch on Switch and PS4

Star Wars: Republic Commando is a thrilling first-person shooter that caught the attention of the fans of the license back in 2005. the game puts you in the shoes of the elite clone trooper RC-1338, also known as Boss. It takes place during the events in the Clone Wars and you take command of a squad of genetically modified clone soldiers as you take on different missions through some of the most iconic locations of the Star Wars universe. The game was a success when it was released on Xbox One and PC but it seems that many things are changing for Star Wars now that all the gaming titles from Lucasfilm will be published under a different banner, Lucasfilm Games. We don't know if this change has something to do with the sudden announcement of Star Wars: Republic Commando coming to other platforms, but developer Aspyr has just confirmed that a port of the game will be available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on April 6, 2021.



On one hand, it's awesome that many more fans of Star Wars will have to indulge in fighting against the Separatist forces. On the other hand, Star Wars: Republic Commando won't include multiplayer features on the new version. You will only have access to the single-player campaign in the game. Even though that does not mean that the game won't offer a great experience, you won´t be able to fight against other players and that takes out part of the fun.

Star Wars: Republic Commando could be a great way of passing your time while you wait for new Star Wars games to be announced. Now that EA does not have the exclusive rights for the games in the license we are bound to see quite different approaches to the popular sci-fi franchise very soon.

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