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Star Wars Battlefront: Bespin expansion arrives in June

Star Wars Battlefront: Bespin expansion arrives in June
Developer DICE has confirmed today that the second paid expansion for Star Wars Battlefront is coming in June. As you can imagine Bespin expansion will take players to the Cloud City and it features 4 new maps, as well as new blasters, Star Cards and game mode. "You’ll see AT-ATs in Cloud City, take to the skies in Fighter Squadron, and even spend time in a carbonite chamber," reads the official statement about Bespin. You will also be able to play as two characters from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. They are Lando Calrissian as part of the Rebel Alliance and Dengar, a bounty hunter working for the Empire.

Star Wars Battlefront – Outer Rim Gameplay Trailer

But not all of the content coming to Star Wars Battlefront is going to be paid. There are also plenty of free content updates on the way the next few months. Those will include new community missions, special Login Events, Hutt Contracts and options for those that would like to enjoy the game offline. You should also pay special attention to what happens on May the 4th, because they are celebrating Star Wars Day with cool activities planned for that day. Later this year you will see the third of the planned expansions announced for the game, with the last one arriving early 2017. You can buy them separately or all together as part of the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass.
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