Splitgate will launch on Nintendo Switch in the future

Splitgate will launch on Nintendo Switch in the future

There are several reasons behind the massive success of Splitgate, a fast-paced PvP shooter that combines the best of two worlds. Taking inspiration from Halo and Portal, this multiplayer game offers the players a pretty thrilling experience thanks to a mechanic that is brand new to the genre. You can create portals and use them to travel instantly between two different locations. As you can imagine, this feature takes strategy to a new level in first-person shooters, allowing for frantic and multidimensional gameplay where almost anything is possible. Also, Splitgate is a free-to-play game, which has also helped it catch the attention of many players already. As a result, it's become one of the most popular games on Steam during the last few weeks, with a high peak number of concurrent players.

Splitgate is available not only on PC, but you can also play the game on your favorite console. It's even better; the game supports cross-play on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, allowing players to share an exciting experience with their friends no matter what platform they choose. 


According to a recent interview on Gamespot, developer 1047 Games boss Ian Proulx has confirmed that expanding the game to other platforms is something they have in mind. Of course, Nintendo Switch is the first on the list, but Splitgate may be playable on mobile devices in the future, even though this will require a significant investment of time from the studio to develop that version. 

There is no confirmation about a possible launch date for Splitgate on Nintendo Switch, and it's likely to depend on how well the game fares in the future. Suppose it's not just another summer hit that vanishes into thin air after a while. In that case, Splitgate could potentially become a serious competitor to other big games in the genre.

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