Sniper Elite 5 hits gold a month before release

Sniper Elite 5 hits gold a month before release

Developer Rebellion has announced via a tweet that the fifth entry in the Sniper Elite franchise has gone gold. This means that the game is ready to ship and - most likely - won't be postponed. Fresh news in an epoch brimming with delays. Considering that the game was announced in December, they either hired developers powered by nanotechnology from the future that increased their working ability, or Rebellion managed to hide the game's development and only announced Sniper Elite 5 when they felt confident about the delivery. The latter does sound more believable.

However, this doesn't guarantee that Sniper Elite 5 won't come with day one patches or even some bugs or performance issues. But for what's worth, so far, none of the Sniper Elite games had any problems in their release.


Sniper Elite 5 plot and new mode

Sniper Elite 5 plot is set in France, Normandie, in 1944. During the U.S. Rangers' covert operation to weaken the Atlantikwall fortifications off the coast of Brittany, sniper Karl Fairburne encounters the French Resistance. They soon discover a secret Nazi project codenamed Operation Kraken, and it's up to Karl to thwart Adolf Hitler's plan. This installment will include a new PvP mode called Invasion Mode that does what it suggests: an Axis player will invade your game to eliminate you from the equation. Meanwhile, you must complete your mission and boot the intruder. You will be able to disable Invasion if you want to play in a carefree manner or need to go to the bathroom.

Watching an X-Ray bullet kill in slow motion is incredibly satisfying and alarmingly disturbing at the same time. I couldn't help but look at the mirror weirdly after playing Sniper Elite, asking why it was so gratifying watching my enemies' ribs breaking into smithereens. Oh yeah, nazis. Don't trust me? Watch the video below, rated M for maniacal sharpshooter.



Gone gold also means you can pre-order the game, play, shoot, and kill as soon as it hits your digital stores. If you are a sniper enthusiast and want to brave France, check out our Sniper Elite 5 deals and secure your pre-order bonus by purchasing before its release on May 26. Sniper Elite 5 will launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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