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Sneak Peek at what might be Google’s video game controller

Sneak Peek at what might be Google’s video game controller

Google is jumping on the bandwagon, finally! Sony and Microsoft are set to unveil their new consoles in 2020 but it looks like some other big companies may be joining the league too. Amazon and Apple are said to be working their own streaming services and consoles, but Google will probably beat them up on it. After their successful experiment with Project Stream, Google has been taking huge leaps and pouring a lot of effort into their new plans. Although nothing has been officially revealed about their service, there’s a video game-related patent that’s going about in the gaming community these days.



google's controller

Recently, Google registered a patent that details the notification functionality of their streaming service and the platform’s controller. It includes the basic sketches of the gamepad's layout. In addition to the Google home button, the controller will also have a dedicated microphone button. This suggests that there may be player interaction with the company’s voice assistant along the way. As for the controller, many fans have been quick to decide whether they like it or not, and there are many who made renders of what it might look like as well. Take a look at Yanko Design's ones created by Sarang Sheth.

It certainly is getting a lot of attention, and while some people already love the idea, there are some who thinks of it as a monstrosity, complaining about its seemingly uncomfortable design and such. But nothing is done until Google says so and we all know that the company has a lot of creativity up its sleeves, so we'll just wait and see what's coming before we make an opinion about what's the best option for gamers - will it be Sony, Microsoft, or the newbie, Google? 

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