Skull and Bones' reveal could be closer

Skull and Bones' reveal could be closer

One of the great unknowns in Ubisoft's portfolio, along with Beyond Good and Evil 2, is no other than Skull and Bones. We could get a glimpse of its gameplay at E3 2018, but the game then disappeared from the radar for quite a long while. This pirate-themed title has changed a lot since it was originally announced, but its release seems to be getting closer. Ubisoft invited some players to test an early version of the game last month, and the result is that some footage was leaked recently. 


Leaked content

Thanks to the images, we have discovered that most of the action in Skull and Bones takes place around Sainte-Anne, an island that is the epicenter of all piracy in the surrounding seas. Players will use it as a base of operations and a hub where they can socialize with other pirates. You can form a team with up to two other pirates to take on challenging adventures. You can assault fortifications and settlements, plunder merchant ships for loot, and engage in various not-so-legal activities for fun and profit as you build up your infamy to become one of the most feared pirates.

The video has been removed, but Ubisoft has reacted following the leak, and it has published a small clip on Twitter, where they prompt us to keep our eyes open, which may hit for some kind of reveal this summer. With no E3 happening this year, it's possible that the French company could be organizing some sort of event to talk about its upcoming titles. In any case, it seems that Skull and Bones has a deep focus on multiplayer activities, although you should be able to take on most activities in the game solo.



After eight years in development, it's about time we get to see something of Skull and Bones and maybe get a release date. It wouldn't be too strange if we could participate in some beta event later this year ahead of a launch in early 2023, but it's still too soon to know for sure.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a slightly different approach to the pirate genre, Sea of Thieves is one of the best choices, even though the graphics style is more cartoonish. Whenever Ubisoft's game is ready, you will find your Skull and Bones PC key at the best price on our comparator.

  • Official website : Skull and Bones
  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : Ubisoft
  • Developer : Ubisoft
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
  • Release date : February 16, 2024
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