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Silica is a fusion RTS and FPS set in a bug-filled world

Silica is a fusion RTS and FPS set in a bug-filled world

Now available in Early Access, Silica is developer Bohemia Incubator's entry into an old and nearly forgotten genre: the “crossover of FPS and RTS”. Set on the desert planet Batlarus, players must battle hordes of hive-mind-controlled insects while also managing their resources and building an army. Check out the Silica trailer here:



Bug hunt

Much like in Dune, the planet Batlarus is rich in a crystal resource called silica, and two human factions are vying for control over it. Unfortunately for both, the native insect life isn’t going to take this invasion lying down. All those attempting to harvest the crystals must fight off hordes of hive-mind-controlled insects.

The game's RTS elements allow players to build bases, train units, and gather resources. The FPS elements allow players to take control of individual units and fight in first-person. This unique combination of genres creates a truly immersive and challenging experience.

As the human faction, you can choose between playing as Infantry or Commander. Infantry is the FPS mode where it’s very much like Starship Troopers. You choose your role between five infantry classes and either fight on foot or use vehicles like the Quad, the Harvester, or the Siege Tank. 

As a Commander, you play the game from orbit, building structures, assigning Harvesters, and directing troops to where you need them to go to complete missions. The Starcraft and Dune inspirations here are very plain to see.

Of course, you can also play as the alien insects, mentally shifting between various units like the hidden Crab, the swift Hunter, or the heavily armored Goliath. There are eight alien classes in all.

Finally, there’s the Arena mode, an FPS-only deathmatch that will let players choose between all the different combat units.

Silica is out now

Silica is currently out on Early Access on PC via Steam. The game will stay in Early Access for about a year to obtain and adjust to player feedback. Check out the best prices for a Silica PC key from our listings.

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