Shadow Tactics expansion Aiko’s Choice is out now

Shadow Tactics expansion Aiko’s Choice is out now

It’s been five years since Mimimi Games released their acclaimed ninja strategy game Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, so it’s high time they made a DLC. The good news is that today we have it with their standalone expansion: Aiko’s Choice. Set once more in Edo, the capital of medieval Japan, the story focuses on the geisha Aiko as she and her fellow assassins confront enemies from her turbulent past.



Aiko’s Choice takes place just before the ending of Shadow Tactics and assumes the players are more than familiar with the stealth systems of the main game. 

Aiko is a kunoichi, a female ninja that excels in using her beauty to spy, trick, and distract enemies. She is adept at disguise, taking on the identity of a geisha or a priestess to infiltrate restricted areas. Unlike the other assassins, she can walk freely through town without drawing attention, with only the elite samurai being able to see through her disguise.

Aiko believed she had left her path behind, but some ghosts refuse to stay buried. Her mentor and former boss, Lady Chiyo, has come to aid the Shogun’s enemies. It's kunoichi against kunoichi as these two assassins match sharp wits and even sharper blades. 

Thankfully, Aiko has her friends at her side: the deadly Hatayo, Mugen and his two swords, the thief Yuki, and the sniper Takuma all return to fight with her. Players will control them through three new long missions and three shorter ones. As usual, you may choose how to approach each mission—either with a direct attack or by dealing death from the shadows.

Here’s the story of Shadow Tactics thus far:



If you’re up for some RTS ninja action, pick up Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Aiko’s Choice today for the cheapest available prices.

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