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Robocop: Rogue City keeps getting delayed

Robocop: Rogue City keeps getting delayed

It may not come as a big surprise for those fans of the cybernetic cop who have been waiting for his new adventure, but Teyon Games has delayed the release of Robocop: Rogue City again. First announced in July 2022, this new video game will follow the adventures of the iconic policeman as he fights to deliver justice in the streets of Detroit. New criminals and a whole new story featuring the part man, part machine protagonist of one of the legendary action film of the 1980s that will please the fans of the classics.

A few months more

Publisher Nacon was present at the recent Gamescom 2023, where the fans showed a lot of interest in the game. The original release date for Robocop: Rogue City was September 23, but Nacon talks about a release on November 2nd in a publication via Twitter.



There is no official statement about the reasons for this delay although we can assume that the game needs more polishing before it's acceptable enough to be released. Fortunately, Nacon has left us with a spectacular Robocop: Rogue City video that will appeal to the fans of the cop. It features the legendary cyborg Alex Murphy fighting criminals alongside his partner Anne Lewis. The footage reminisces of the original film from 1987 and it shows exciting gameplay sequences where Robocop neutralizes a series of threats. You can also have a glimpse at the ED-209, a bulky robot that was destined to replace Robocop as the ultimate law enforcement unit and ultimately tried to destroy him.



Robocop: Rogue City will be available on PC, Xbox Series, and PlayStation 5. The best prices to buy a Robocop: Rogue City code are available with our comparator, although we can't guarantee that Nacon won't delay the release of the game once more.

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