Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Releases On May 30th

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Releases On May 30th

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam finally got a release date, and to celebrate this Tripwire Interactive launched an Open Beta for the game that will last until Monday, May 22nd. This is a great opportunity for the players to practice a bit before the game officially launches, so visit the Steam Store page right away to download and play it immediately.

We are all excited to finally see the launch of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, and the authentic and realistic gunplay that we came to expect from the Red Orchestra series will now be shown in the era full of automatic rifles and man-portable grenade launchers. The series is known for its brutal realism, so let's see how bloody the skirmishes will be in the Vietnam War. Tripwire Interactive has been working hard at developing the game for a while now, so we are expecting top-notch gunplay, unforgiving battles, and lots of dying. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will support matches with up to 64 players, so expect carnage and bloodshed. Various unique abilities like Napalm Strikes, Artillery Barrages, traps, and so on will add more tactical depth to the game and enhance the feeling of being in a terrifying war where you can die at any moment.



Are you excited to playRising Storm 2: Vietnam? Well, you should be, as the titles in the shooter genre these days aren't too fond of realism, and we could use a change of pace and play some shooters with authentic gunplay. So make sure you keep your eyes for May 30th, when the game releases, and if you haven't make sure you pre-order Rising Storm 2: Vietnam while you still can!  

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