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Revelation Online’s Early Access Started

Revelation Online’s Early Access Started

People are eager to play the next big MMORPG and that might just be the upcoming Revelation Online. It looks like it's going to be quite a solid title, and judging from the previous Beta Tests, people seem to like it. Well, if you're one of the people who bought a Founder Pack, you're lucky, as you get to access the game before anyone else can. Yes, owners of the Founder Packs will be able to play the game before the Open Beta starts on March 6, so you can play and prepare for the Open Beta essentially, since you get to keep your character and everything on it, so you'll have an advantage over players that only start when the Open Beta starts.

The Global Publisher and the developer of the game, NetEase, announced the Early Access for the Western servers on February 27th, so players who were lucky to hear the news immediately got to play first. Your Founder Packs can be claimed immediately when you start the game, and they contain special titles, special outfits for your character, exclusive wings to brag with and awesome flying cat mounts.



Revelation Online seems to really bring a well-known, but refined look for the game, but not in terms of graphics but in terms of how the game looks like as an MMORPG that won't be particularly hard to grasp, but it looks fun and interesting with enough depth to keep it engaging for the players. The wings look like a really fun feature and the combat? The combat is colorful, full of impressive particle effects and it's quite action-packed.

We're happy for the owners of the Founder Packs, but we're also eagerly waiting for Open Beta to try the game ourselves!

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