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Ravenswatch is a roguelike adventure with dark fairytale heroes

Ravenswatch is a roguelike adventure with dark fairytale heroes

From the makers of Curse of the Dead Gods comes Ravenswatch, another roguelike adventure. Developed by Passtech, Ravenswatch takes the same visual style as its predecessor but features an entirely new world based on dark versions of fairytales and legends. Best of all, it’s coming out today on Early Access. Check out the Ravenswatch trailer here:



The fantasy world of Reverie is under attack by the Master Nightmare and its minions. The guardians of the world, the Ravenswatch, have called on six heroes to defend the world against this calamity. 

Four heroes are available at the start of the game. The first is the rogue Scarlet, formerly known as Red Riding Hood. While she wields dual blades, at night she can transform into a werewolf and use a different, more vicious set of abilities. Next is the Pied Piper Franz, who is able to use music to attack enemies as well as his army of trained rats. Beowulf is your Norse warrior, wielding an enormous sword while calling on his allied baby dragon to burn enemies to a crisp. Then you have Nyss, the Snow Queen, capable of using the powers of winter itself and even sliding rapidly across the ground on frozen slabs.

The latter two heroes can be unlocked through gameplay. Aladdin is a brawler who fights with a scimitar and can draw on the powers of a genie, while Melusine is a mermaid who fights at range using the water element.

Ravenswatch can be played either solo or multiplayer. The map is procedurally generated along with its corresponding secrets, bosses, and treasure. You must prepare and level up, because every fifth day, a Nightmare boss arrives to challenge you. You must be careful because you only have a limited number of Revives to complete your run.

Ravenswatch is out now on Early Access for the PC via Steam and is expected to hit more platforms at full launch. As always, you can purchase a Ravenswatch PC key at the best prices from our comparator.

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