Psykinetic and Skullbreaker complete the class list in Darktide

Psykinetic and Skullbreaker complete the class list in Darktide

Fatshark continues to reveal more archetypes and classes ahead of the release of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. We already had a sneak peek at what the Zealot: Preacher and the Veteran: Sharpshooter can do in the upcoming first-person action game. Now it's the turn of the other two classes that will be available at launch, the Psyker: Psykinetic and the Ogryn: Skullbeaker.



The Psyker: Psykinetic

This is the first class capable of using mental powers to fight against the corruption of Chaos in Tertium. Hated and feared by the citizens of the Empire, these powerful individuals have a key role in the war against the demons, but the origin of their power makes them volatile and susceptible to the influence of the Dark Powers. The Psyker: Psykinetic draws raw power from the Warp to crush the minds of their opponents. Their Brain Burst ability can fry any foe and grants them a Warp Charge that boosts their Smite skill. They can unleash all their charges to knock enemies away. They accumulate Peril when using their psychic abilities, and if it reaches a certain level it can cause the Psyker to explode spectacularly. Staying at range is the best for these inquisitors, who are not as resilient as their comrades.



The Ogryn: Skullbreaker

Opposite to the Psyker, the Ogryn: Skullbreaker is a hulking brute that loves to charge into battle. Their sheer strength and immense toughness make them the perfect front-line fighter. Their powerful blows can shatter enemies' defenses and their Bull Rush skill grants them increased attack speed and movement for a limited time after charging into a group of enemies. They are not subtle at all, but who needs subtlety when you can just crush your enemies while withstanding everything they throw at you?



Warhammer 40,000 Darktide will feature four classes at launch, but there will be more added later. As it happened with Vermintide 2, every one of them will delve into different aspects of each archetype, with new skills and a unique gameplay style. The release of the game is scheduled for November 30 and you can use our comparator anytime to check out the best deals and buy your Warhammer 40,000: Darktide PC code at the best price.

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