Psaro confirmed as playable character on Dragon Quest Heroes

Psaro confirmed as playable character on Dragon Quest Heroes

There's been some speculation about if one of the main antagonists of the saga popular RPG saga was going to be playable or not in the upcoming Dragon Quest title. The mystery has been finally solved and it's been confirmed that Psaro will be one of the playable characters of Dragon Quest Heroes along with other well-known protagonists like Akuto, Mehr, Yangus, Nera or Terry.



Dragon Quest Heroes


As you can see in the video, Dragon Quest Heroes is not going to follow the traditional turn-based combat style that many other titles of the saga feature and instead it's going to be more oriented towards a more active gameplay. The characters and the graphics style match the usual style of the other games and those familiar with the series can probably recognize many of the monsters and characters in the video. Square Enix released the video during the last Jump Festa event and we will keep you informed when more information about this spin-off of one of the most famous RPG sagas is revealed.

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