PS4 Version Of Race the Sun Gets A Huge New Update

PS4 Version Of Race the Sun Gets A Huge New Update

Is there a thing in this world that we love more than free updates? Perhaps, but free updates are also loved by many, and PS4 players are getting one for Race the Sun, a pretty interesting and exciting racing game. The free update is adding a lot of things, much of which were highly requested by the players, and it's really nice to see game developers that listen to the players.



This piece of news will really make a lot of Race the Sun players happy since this update is coming with the highly-requested VR support. Starting from April 18th, all game modes in the game will be playable in VR. Truth be told, the game truly looks like it was made to be played in Virtual Reality, and now the option to do so is here, and that will certainly make a lot of people happy.

The game is a rather stunning, calming experience despite the fact that it gets harder the more you play it. But, the developers decided to make a mode that will have no kind of stress in it, and that is the Sunrise mode. There are no high scores or increasing difficulty in Sunrise, so you can just drift in the vast celestial space and enjoy the brilliant, warm colors that the game offers. 

The last two things that were added with this free updated are a few new additions to portals and a first person mode. Now when you enter a portal you won't just straight up go to the Void, you can now be randomly transported to one of five destinations. The first person mode was added to go alongside the VR support, as some players may prefer that instead of the behind view while playing in Virtual Reality. Purchase the game at a great price here!

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