PS4 Version Of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Gets Continuum DLC

PS4 Version Of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Gets Continuum DLC

The second map pack for the recently released Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare finally came and it's bringing a lot of funky and unusual content to the futuristic shooter. This map pack is first releasing for the PlayStation 4, and it will later arrive on the other platforms. We're getting Rust, a map from Modern Warfare 2, that got reimagined and adjusted so it could suit Infinite Warfare more, so it now resides on a gilded penthouse somewhere in a futuristic metropolis. Three other new maps also got added and they all bring exciting, rich environments in which we will be able to battle other players.

Continuum is also taking our four charismatic time travelers from Zombies in Spaceland and sending them into their next bloody adventure. This brand new setting will take us into the weird time of America where punk rock mixed together with roller skates and disco. Yes, our heroes will tackle on 1970s New York City, with lots of afros and Kung Fu added into the mix to add to the chaotic experience that Pam Grier will guide you through. She will be our narrative in this undead co-op narrative called Shaolin Shuffle, so be prepared for a lot of undead killing, Kung Fu references, and more!

This is really great news for PlayStation 4 players as they get to play all of this content first, but also if you haven't, you should definitely go and watch the trailer for Continuum, as it shows how the maps are tailored for all styles of play: Run & Gun, Sniper, Stealth, Heavy. Promoting all styles of play is always welcome, so we're glad the developers are doing that in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. For those of you that enjoy the Zombies mode, the Shaolin Shuffle will definitely entertain you for a while!


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