Project Eve Pits Beauty against Beasts

Project Eve Pits Beauty against Beasts

This year’s PlayStation Showcase has featured many great finds among the new games, but Korean developer SHIFT UP has turned heads with the teaser for the PS5 exclusive action game Project Eve. The gameplay trailer wowed audiences with its fast-paced and relentless action and gorgeous titular character. 



Live by the Blade

According to the game story, in the far future, Earth has lost a battle against a hostile alien species called the NA:tive—which, if we go by the enormous creature attached to the trailer’s orbiting starbase, are Lovecraftian nightmares made of pulsating tentacles and slime. Eve, the lone survivor of a strike force attempting to recapture Earth, is left to face the grotesque aliens on a desolate and destroyed planet. How she's capable of surviving being hurled into outer space remains to be seen.

The trailer’s gameplay and action sequences are highly reminiscent ofDevil May Cry andBayonetta, though the blade-wielding character and the talking drone accompanying her also brings back memories ofNier: Automata

Director Kim Hyung Tae has said that Project Eve will focus on fluid combat. Players need to understand enemy attack patterns and counter accurately, flowing into well-executed combos. Eve can get stronger by acquiring Beta Gauge from successfully evading and parrying attacks. BG can then be used to purchase powerful abilities, like piercing heavy armor, stopping enemy combos, performing area attacks, and more. You can raise Eve’s Burst Gauge by performing successive parries and combos, which will fuel powerful and lethal strikes. The game also promises dynamic and acrobatic movements and stylish costumes for Eve.

Check out three minutes of Project Eve gameplay courtesy of PS360HD.



When is the Project Eve release date?

SHIFT UP has yet to give a final release date for their PS5 exclusive. Please stay tuned for further announcements and to compare game prices for Project Eve.

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