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PlayStation 4 Getting InnerSpace This Summer

PlayStation 4 Getting InnerSpace This Summer

Video game developers all start from really small projects and later move onto bigger things, but there are some who are lucky and their small project can quickly transform into a huge one thanks to a variety of things. InnerSpace is a game video game from PolyKnight Games that could turn out big, and it's definitely looking like a title that's going to impress.

The idea of this tiny development team was to make a world that has inverted physics. Imagine gravity pulling outwards instead of inwards, that would be something crazy, wouldn't it? This would mean that a special mechanic would have to be made for this world to be explored, and the best way would be flying. That's pretty much how the idea for InnerSpace got made, a place that is filled with huge, mysterious ruins, and secrets of long-gone ancients, all available for the player to explore!



This was an amazing idea, so the team decided to share all of their goals and objectives on Kickstarter to see what other people would think about this game and its gameplay elements. Gamers all around the world obviously liked what they saw, and thus InnerSpace got funded rather easily. Not a surprise, considering how weird and unique the game's concept looks. A lot of time has passed since then, a lot of things changed, and the game got more content that we will be enjoying once it arrives on the PlayStation 4 this summer, which is not that far away.

InnerSpace will put all of its emphasis on discovering all sorts of things, which will lead to little and also grand moments that you won't forget. You will experiment a lot, explore lots of places, and come face to face with huge creatures. InnerSpace is looking like an impressive title, and you should listen to the game's music to at least catch a glimpse of its brilliance!

  • Categories : Adventure
  • Editor : Aspyr
  • Developer : PolyKnight Games
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : January 16, 2018
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