Players Are Getting A Retro Jason Skin In Friday the 13th: The Game

Players Are Getting A Retro Jason Skin In Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game is a rather interesting experience, as it's a multiplayer horror survival game where one player plays as the famous fictional serial killer Jason Voorhees from the from the Friday the 13th franchise, while six other players are the ones trying to escape. The game is quite popular, especially on Twitch where streamers get to play with their viewers, and overall the amount of attention Friday the 13th: The Game got is quite amazing, so the developers decided to give out some freebies to the supporting community.

Don't we all just love it when developers give out free stuff? Well, the people that made Friday the 13th: The Game are very thankful for the support and love of their player base, so they decided to give them some love back. We will be getting two things: 13, 000 Customization Points and the Retro Jason skin. The Customization Points can be used to buy some new Jason kills or even perks, depending on what you want, and the Retro Jason skin is a sign of respect to the original look of this famous fictional slasher. But, that's not all, as a double XP weekend is happening from June 23rd to June 25th, so if you wanted to grind out some XP, that would be the best time to do so. 



The new skin is also coming withbrand new music that will start playing once Jason appears somewhere around Camp Crystal Lake, and of course, this skin will feature a unique kill animation that is probably as bloody as you can imagine it to be.  It looks like Friday the 13th: The Game is going to be quite a popular title, so we are excited to see how it will develop in the future!

  • Official website : Friday the 13th
  • Categories : Action
  • Editor : Gun Media
  • Developer : IllFonic
  • Mode(s) : Multiplayer
  • Release date : May 25, 2017
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