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Persona 5 reveals a new trailer with a new female character

Persona 5 reveals a new trailer with a new female character

Atlus unveiled some news about the next Persona game.

The title previously teased as Persona 5F is coming soon to PS4 and it will do it under the name Persona 5: The Royal. No further detail has been announced about the game; however, Atlus has revealed a new trailer after the special episode of Persona 5: The Animation entitled Stars and Ours. The episode features the final battle between the Phantom Thieves of Heart and the politician Masayoshi Shido. The 45–second trailer shows a red-haired girl standing in the rain at Shibuya crossing. The new female character appears to be in a high school uniform and on her collar there is a pin with the number seven on it. The voiceover in the trailer includes a conversation between Gematsu and the girl. Gematsu was asking of her perception of the Phantom Thieves to which the girl replied, "I think helping people is a wonderful thing, but if I had to say, I don’t like them. I don’t think the Phantom Thieves' methods will make the world a better place or help anyone. In the end, I feel like you can only solve that yourself."




It could be assumed based on the trailer that Persona 5: The Royalis not coming to any other platform such as Nintendo Switch, it’s only going to be available on PS4. As to the girl’s role in Persona 5: The Royal whether she be an antagonist or a protagonist is something we don’t know yet. But surely, she will be heavily involved in the entire game. There are fans suggesting that Persona 5: The Royalwon’t be a direct re-release, but it might be a role-playing game like the original Person 5. However, there are some who claims that this game is a direct sequel to Persona 5 with the red-haired girl forming her own group to oppose the Phantom Thieves. The teaser ended with the logo and Atlus' note that more details will be announced on April 24th at the Persona Super Live concert in Tokyo. 

  • Official website : Persona 5
  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : Atlus
  • Developer : P Studio
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : September 15, 2016
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