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Nintendo Switch: Two new releases are coming this summer

Nintendo Switch: Two new releases are coming this summer

It's been a few months since rumors started going around regarding the latest console Nintendo. Indeed, in early October the Wall Street Journal published an article evoking the possibility that Nintendo would release a new version of the Switch in 2019 to maintain sales of the consoles. And the rumor has swelled in recent days, because the Wall Street Journal published Monday a new article saying that it is not one but two new models that should see the day. The article goes further and says that these two new models would come out this summer. The newspaper says the information comes from sources close to Nintendo, including component suppliers and developers. Following the statements of the Wall Street Journal, Eurogamer reacted yesterday by publishing an article that says that sources also close to Nintendo have confirmed the information to them. Nothing has yet been confirmed or denied by Nintendo, but given the size of the two media, there is enough reason to think that it will not be long until the Japanese company announces it. With the E3 getting closer it is quite possible that we are right about this subject on this occasion.


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Regarding these two potential new Switch consoles, it seems that one is a "mini" version and the other a "pro" version, following the same pattern as the 3DS with the 2DS and the New 3DS XL. The mini version would come at a lower price, with integrated joys-cons, and it would be sold without a dock. The ability to play in TV mode is still a big unknown. This model would seem particularly aimed at a public playing mostly in portable mode, as well as young players, with this new configuration making the console a priori stronger. The question of vibrations has also been mentioned.

The pro model, meanwhile, should target a more demanding audience, offering better performance, without equaling the PS4 or Xbox One. Among the expectations of the players concerning this new model, the main subject would be the screen. It could offer a better definition, or be larger, without increasing the size of the console. Some also mentioned greater autonomy. The price should, however, be higher. It remains to know what will be in terms of the compatibility of games. The New 3DS has exclusive games already because of its difference in power with the 3DS. Until Nintendo speaks on the subject, all this is obviously just speculation, but if the rumor is true, we should know the end of the story very soon.

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