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Nintendo has released a complete Pikmin 4 guide

Nintendo has released a complete Pikmin 4 guide

Unless you are one of the long-time fans of the Pikmin series you are probably wondering what's all the hassle with the upcoming release of its new installment. Nintendo is set on making Pikmin 4 one of the big hits on Switch and it has even released a demo that allows you to discover the beginning of the game and its mechanics. If you are not in the mood of giving it a try, maybe the latest video released by the Japanese company could convince you that being followed by a horde of small plant-like creatures is the best that could happen to you if you visit an alien planet.

In Pikmin 4 you are tasked with rescuing Captain Olimar from an alien planet. Not only his ship crashed there, but the people sent looking for him alongside you have also disappeared. Hopefully, you will do much better than them and save the poor Captain and those that accompanied you. The secret to success in your mission is to gain the trust of the Pikmin. These are strange creatures that populate this mysterious planet. They will be of great help when you attempt to explore the planet, solve puzzles, and progress in your mission.

Discover the Pikmin

The Pikmin can lift heavy weights by combining their strength, but they also have special abilities that they share with the Pikmin of the same color. Red Pikmins are fire resistant, yellow Pikmins can manipulate electricity, and blue Pikmins have an affinity with water. You can think of them as an army or lemmings that follows you everywhere and is ready to do your bidding. You can even throw them at your enemies and they will mercilessly beat them down to a pulp. Of course, keeping them alive on a planet full of perils won't be easy, but you will always be able to find more.



Pikmin 4 is a colorful and entertaining adventure that pits you against a world full of surprises and strange alien creatures. The release of the game is scheduled for July 21 on Nintendo Switch exclusively, and you can find the best deals to buy Pikmin 4 cheap with our comparator.

Pikmin 4
Pikmin 4
  • Categories : Adventure
  • Editor : Nintendo
  • Developer : Nintendo
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : July 21, 2023
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