New city sim Farthest Frontier ranges from “idyllic” to “brutal”

New city sim Farthest Frontier ranges from “idyllic” to “brutal”

Crate Entertainment, the studio that developed the hit action RPG Grim Dawn, has announced a game that goes in a seemingly opposite direction. Farthest Frontier is a medieval city builder where you must tame and settle a land on the edge of civilization. 

Check out the trailer below:



A land of your own

Farthest Frontier starts off as idyllic and even cozy, with you controlling a small band of settlers on the untamed frontier. Your people will have to cut wood, plant crops, set up buildings, and gather all sorts of resources. The game description includes “14 different raw materials from wood, stone and clay, to metal ores, wild herbs, and honey.” The maps are procedurally generated in terms of terrain and resources, so every run will likely be unique. 

The game seems to feature a robust and detailed farming system. You can grow “17 types of food, including forage items, fish and game, plus 10 food crops.” You will need to rotate crops to keep the soil fertile, match the right crops to the right seasons, and prevent disease. Your settlers will need to maintain the fields to keep them weed- and pest-free.

If you can maximize food production, you’ll soon have a bustling city in your hands. You can create 50 different buildings, which can be leveled up through several building tiers as your settlement prospers. Your villagers will also perform various tasks in real time, like delivering goods from house to house, building, farming, and crafting. 

Of course, it can’t all be idyllic. Several problems will come your way, including deer and even bears raiding your crops. You may need to prepare for long winters. You’ll also need to research medicines to control outbreaks of diseases like rabies and the plague. 

Worst of all, your belligerent neighbors may decide to invade your territory. In that case, you’ll have to put up defensive measures like wooden or stone walls, towers, barracks, and an army to defend your town. 

If you prefer to run a more peaceful game, you can turn on pacifist mode and do away with any invaders. Farthest Frontier lets you toggle difficulty levels to range from tranquil to brutal, depending on what kind of game you want to experience.

Out on early access

While Farthest Frontier does not have a release date yet, it’s following the footsteps of Grim Dawn by going on Early Access in Steam. You can watch our space for an affordable Farthest Frontier code from our comparator.

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